Passionate. Enthusiastic. Energetic. Humorous.

These are just a few of the adjectives that could describe a seminar or keynote presentation by Jim Temme. What does your organization need? Enjoy a speaking engagement that engages. Jim can arrange to give your group one of the following training programs. Or, a custom solution can be developed depending on the needs of your organization.

What Your Company Will Gain:

  • More productive, customer oriented staff
  • Education tends to enhance self-esteem
  • Specific direction to develop skills
  • Better quality results that affect your bottom line

The Essentials of Quality Customer Service: How to Make It Your Way of Life

This powerful training session is unlike any customer service program you and your staff may have seen before. It concentrates on building rapport and relationships with external and internal customers. There is an emphasis on quality work and follow through to get and keep customers. Among the subjects covered are: the traits of a customer service superstar, four service climates in an organization, working as a service team, dealing with difficult customers and keeping your cool, and much, much more.

Managing Multiple Priorities: How to Manage Your Priorities, Your Time, and Your Life

In today’s workplace, most people have too much to do and not enough time. This stimulating session will help your staff to focus on the right priorities that get results. An underlying theme of this program involves taking control of one’s work life and personal life by effectively choosing priorities and helping others with theirs. This session will also cover tips and ideas to remove roadblocks to achievement such as dealing with interruptions, overcoming procrastination, effective delegation, coping with stress and more.

Effective Team Building

Working with a team spirit or in formal teams is becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace. This seminar will help your staff to know and understand the specific traits of teamwork, how to create a motivating team climate and how to effectively communicate with each other. It will also emphasize team goal setting, handling conflicts and dealing with personality differences. The session is very interactive and fun and, yet with specific, up-to-date principles of team building.

Conflict, Confrontation and Communication Skills

Creating a collaborative, cooperative climate to get results for internal and external customers should be a goal of any company. Employees are happier and more productive when they get along. This very unique seminar will help your staff to identify reasons for conflict and, then, how to confront conflict situations effectively. Conflict is normal. How it’s confronted determines if it gets resolved or if it escalates. Among the discussion topics in the seminar are: the four levels of conflict, the Building Relationships Model and the TEAM Interpersonal Style Evaluation, both from Jim Temme’s book, TeamPower; how to communicate to minimize conflict, dealing with emotional people and handling your emotions.

Dealing Effectively With Change

This training program focuses on the pros and cons of change and discusses the phases of transition through change. Other subjects include: understanding the psycholology of resistance to change, creating a climate of change, the relationship between effective communication and change, increasing rational risk taking behavior, personal hardiness and handling stress when dealing with change.


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