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Half a Million Reasons.

Jim Temme supports what he says by providing a library of resources. More than 500,000 copies of his books have been sold. See why by getting your copy, and start using the tools and insight to empower yourself.

Productivity Plus

Jim’s newest book, Productivity Plus – How to Live Your Life With Enthusiasm, Energy and Focus is filled with practical ideas for greater productivity both at work and in your personal life. But make no mistake, though easily digested, Productivity Plus is not a book you casually read – it’s a book you “do.” Each chapter is packed with exercises and ideas to live life with enthusiasm, energy and focus. Key behaviors – good and bad – are identified to help seekers break self-limiting behaviors and form healthier, more productive habits. Akin to having personal and professional goals, once perused Productivity Plus sticks with you, encouraging you relentlessly to continually improve and persist. Follow its guidelines and you will succeed!


ProductivityPower: 250 Great Ideas for Being More Productive

Pick it up and start anywhere, anytime. It’s chock full of practical tips, ideas, and tactics you can use to work and live more productively every day. You’ll learn how to handle interruptions, conduct more effective meetings, how to schedule priorities and projects, how to overcome procrastination and much, much more.


TeamPower: How to Build and Grow Successful Teams

Employees often get promoted into management positions without any formal training. This “get down to basics” session covers the most important issues regarding effective management. Subjects include: building collaborative relationships with employees to accomplish results, how to plan and hold employees accountable and how to effectively coach employees. There are also modules on how to create a motivating climate, dealing with change, confronting employees who have performance and behavior problems and other topics related to today’s management challenges.


Total Quality Customer Service: How to Make It Your Way of Life

Customer service isn’t just a buzz word. It should be a way of living, to serve all the customers in your life: business customers, co-workers, spouse, and your children. The book focuses on achieving customer service excellence through setting a climate of follow through and caring. Other subjects include: getting and keeping customers, handling customer complaints, coping with difficult customers, telephone skills, and many other practical ideas to serve all the customers in your life.



More than 500,000 copies sold including best-seller Productivity Plus.


More than 500 companies have hired Jim Temme.


More than 2,500 speaking engagements for Fortune 500 Companies.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr.